Water Heater Repair

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Water Heater Repair

Same day water heater repair or new installation service. If your water heater has quit heating, is leaking, or just being problematic don’t hesitate to call Emergency Plumbing Solutions. We have worked with all major water heater brands and have the expertise to either repair your existing water heater or replace it with an entirely new unit within the same day.

Modern water heaters typically have a life span of no more than 14 years. On most occasions a water heater is completely ignored until it develops a leak. A good amount of these water heater leaks that we personally have witnessed are massive leaks causing significant water damage to your property. If your water heater is older don’t delay the inevitable new water heater installation.

Water Heater Maintenance Tip… It is recommended to flush your water heater once a year to extend it’s life. This can easily be done by you the homeowner. First, shut off the breaker at the electrical panel. If you have a gas type water heater shut off the valve on the gas line that feeds gas to the water heater. In addition set the gas control knob to the Off position. Then attach a garden hose to the drain located at the bottom of the tank. Run the hose towards the outside of your home. Open the drain valve fully and allow the pressurized water to flush till you only see clear water free of sediment flowing out of the hose.

Common Water Heater Issues

  • they don’t last forever
  • leak from any area of the tank
  • unusual noise from tank
  • faulty electrical component
  • no hot water
  • leak from attached piping
  • not enough hot water

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